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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ad one other day in the 90s so far this season. 92 degrees on may 31st. that's one of the reasons that it feels that much hotter because we're not used to this kind of weather. we have a should limit outdoor activities, drink a lot of water during that period. again, if this was the middle of july these numbers would not be so extreme. but because it's so early in the season, we're not quite used to it. 88 in allentown and reading now but still 91 in philadelphia and northeast philly. we're close to 90 farther to the south. so it's going to take awhile for those temperatures to go down. still in the upper 80s by 8:00 and 83 by 10:00. we will let you know how hot it will get tomorrow when we will see a break coming up with the seven day in a few minutes. nbc 10's tim furlong is live along independence mall and he caught up with several people sweating it out today.
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>> reporter: yeah. myself included. i saw your forecast on the news. you nailed it. it's hot and swampy. you can see at independence mall it looks like a beautiful night but it is really really hot. no complaining after the winter we had but today was tough to take, especially if you had to be out in the direct sun. at philly's franklin square park there's a fountain with plenty of shade and fun. today, there's plenty of heat. too much. this family from syracuse didn't bank on today's extreme temperature. >> we started setting up our trip a couple months ago. we didn't think it would be this hot in june. >> reporter: mike didn't think so either but the packages need to get where they're going. when he saw today's forecast he knew -- >> it's going to stink and the back of that truck's probably 110 degrees where i got these from. >> reporter: construction workers have it rough, too. no shade at this site. >> you dress up in the cold weather to get warm. can't take off enough clothes in the heat. >> reporter: not legally. >> some people frown on it. >> reporter: around independence
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hall you feel bad for the re-enactors who wear the authentic heavy wool uniforms and chunky leather boots. >> not nearly as bad as the battle of monmouth. >> reporter: they won't break character to tell you how sweaty and miserable that garb feels. >> it's called a uniform. it must be adorned on a regular basis. >> reporter: the show must go on for tourists and field trippers who came from places like scotland to see it. what do you think of this weather? >> it's really hot. >> reporter: good hot or too hot? >> right now, too hot. >> reporter: no under armour in colonial times to wick away the sweat. you can see people dressing for the occasion today. certainly for the weather. we always say don't mess with the heat. plenty of water and sun screen check on elderly neighbors, make sure everybody is okay. this is all advice we always give you every single summer. we usually don't have to give it to you this soon. live on independence mall, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> prepare for the potential
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heat wave with the nbc 10 news app. down load it for free to get weather updates on your smart phone or tablet. new at 6:00 tonight, animal cruelty allegations aimed at a south jersey equestrian center. >> here's what it's about. the animal activist group shark is its name went under cover during a recent rodeo at thed]ds gloucester county dream park. among the allegations a bull who was whipped and repeatedly hit with an electric prod. shark said it also observed another bull who collapsed on the arena floor after it was ridden. inappropriate use of alcohol, even by some rodeo workers. nbc 10 south jersey reporter cydney long spoke with both sides about the controversy. >> reporter: this is cell phone video shark's founder says he took uninvited and under cover at the may 17th rodeo inside gloucester county's dream park equestrian center. >> it's horrifying to watch. >> reporter: he says the bulls
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are being hurt with an electrical prod to electrify the crowd. >> they have to be made to look wild to get the crowd excited. >> reporter: watch as one worker kicks the bull in the head. some were foaming at the mouth. one fell down with fatigue. >> he just looked like he had enough and couldn't take it anymore. he just fell to the ground. >> obviously i haven't seen the video yet. >> reporter: he took the video to board of county freeholders, calling for an investigation into animal cruelty. he wants to know why the county would allow the group to operate here. >> it's not just the animal abuse. there was alcohol abuse, there was one of the workers who was operating the dangerous electric prod, i caught him drinking beer while he was using it. that's crazy. >> reporter: no one here at the dream park could talk to us about the circumstances or the alleged mistreatment of the animals. we started calling higher up but the county's improvement authority, who owns the park, to get some answers. by phone and e-mail gloucester county made clear they don't tolerate animal abuse and find the cruelty allegations
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disturbing. they have also banned any future events with the company and are calling on the spca the new jersey state veterinarian's office and the department of agriculture to investigate if any crime was committed. >> this is the first time we ever had any allegation like that. we take any allegation seriously. >> there were children playing on the fences. again, workers drinking openly, using dangerous equipment. i mean, this is just a terrible situation. it was a disaster waiting to happen. >> reporter: the county tells us the group renting the space did have a permit to serve alcohol but that no dream park employees consumed any. cydney long, nbc 10 news. union workers at philadelphia international airport are celebrating a victory tonight. city council today approved a new lease between the airport and nearly two dozen airlines. as part of the deal the council voted to include a raise for baggage handlers and other workers to at least $12 an hour. the union went on strike twice
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to fight for a wage increase. the raise will go into effect july 1st. new at 6:00 another new jersey community college has changed its name as part of a new partnership with rowan university. burlington county college is now rowan college at burlington county. under the deal students at the community college who complete their associate's degrees will be accepted automatically to rowan. the former gloucester county college made a similar change last year. a 9-year-old cold case could be warming up. take a look at this new video released just now. it shows a suspect in the fatal shooting of andre comacho iii. the cold case squad is hoping this jogs someone's memory. in 2006 he was shot and killed outside a grocery store in east camden. police say they have no motive but would like to talk to the man seen running from the store. his father couldn't hold back his tears today as he spoke to the media. >> you think about it every day, every second, every minute,
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every hour. it never goes away. >> if you know anything, you are asked to call camden police. tonight, the financially troubled colwin council will meet for the first time since the may primary election. the borough is operating under a manager appointed by the state. the council has been working to get its finances back on track. we will give you any updates tonight on "nbc 10 news at 11:00." the burlington city school district will pay a former employee $45,000 to resolve allegations the district violated the family federal medical leave act. an assistant accused the district of wrongful termination after she took 39 days of approved unpaid leave to care for her husband. the terms of the settlement also require the school district to provide family leave training to managers and supervisors. uber is now approved to operate in delaware. del-dot officials signed an
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agreement today to establish requirements for the company and drivers to use its platform. drivers will have to submit background checks and have insurance coverage. the governor says uber will give delaware riders a new innovative service and provide jobs for registered drivers. nbc 10 in south philadelphia today as community organizers and faith leaders joined immigration mothers in protest. the women say they have been treated unfairly even abused at the burks detention center in burks county. they are refusing to work until they, along with their children are released. they are demanding the center be shut down. >> we believe that the facility is being operated in violation of a 1997 federal settlement with the federal government did agree to a policy to release children and not detain them and yet there are still children detained at burks. >> the nine different mothers say their children are not getting proper medical care
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among other problems that they complain about. we left a message for comment at the burks detention center but haven't heard back by our deadline. new at 6:00 police in delaware county are looking for the man who robbed an off-duty officer. investigators say the suspect held up an off-duty delaware state trooper after she left a barnaby's restaurant in ridley township. the robber took the officer's car keys as well as her purse which had her delaware state police badge and credentials. investigators have found the officer's badge, credentials and car. no arrests yet. a lehigh valley community is coming together this evening to help the family of a little girl who died last month. the fund-raiser is under way right now for the family of abigail. abby was killed when a car hit her as she crossed the street. she was 11 years old. her friend was seriously hurt. tonight's fund-raiser is being held at the texas roadhouse on hamilton boulevard. 15% of proceeds go to abby's
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family. the offer is good until 10:00 p.m. tonight. a heads-up for drivers in south jersey. major road repairs set to begin monday on a stretch of turnersville road in pine hill between north and hill drives and middle avenue for the next four months. they will reconstruct and resurface the roads, replace storm pipes and inlets replace curbs and sidewalks and install pavement markers. now to the weather. a sticky steamy night. >> it's only going to get worse for the end of the week. glenn? >> the humidity's going up as well as the temperature and a heat advisory is in effect for tomorrow. more on the uncomfortable conditions, plus our next chance for storms. take a look. it's the tiniest house this group has ever built. the people behind the construction project plan to give it away for free.
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new jersey lawmakers want to require university security officers to report crimes on the campus to state police. the state senate bill comes after campus authorities at some new jersey colleges were accused of mishandling investigations and even revealing the names of victims. the state senator who introduced the bill says it will make sure college students receive proper protection. from our jersey shore bureau, police in atlantic city say this surveillance video shows a woman and a man on a mission to distract and then steal. investigators say the video from an egg harbor township shop-rite shows the woman striking up a conversation with another shopper. that's all while the man looks for a way to swipe the victim's wallet from her purse. authorities believe the pair is responsible for at least three similar thefts over the past couple of weeks.
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pickpockets have struck in egg harbor township hamilton township and hammonton. police say it appears they're targeting elderly woman. new at 6:00 from homeless to new home. nbc 10 told you about this tent city that was torn down at the jersey shore last year. tonight, one of the former residents will soon have a tiny house to call home thanks to a local nonprofit. >> that's right. nbc 10's deanna durante has the story. >> reporter: they are builders electricians and food company owners. >> we've got a good group of contractors helping out. >> we are going to have the wall up. >> reporter: they are coming together to build a house for a man they barely know. you ever built a house to give it away before? >> no. first one. >> reporter: the house will have a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. it's tiny and can be moved anywhere. the volunteers are building it for free. they are members of make it rain, a nonprofit, and the group was moved by this. the tear-down of tent city in lakewood, new jersey last summer. one resident grabbed the group's
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attention. >> i'm just a guy we randomly met and had some interaction with. >> reporter: his name is sam. he was featured in a documentary called destiny's bridge. the film makers invited members of make it rain to the camp and they met sam and mobilized to get him a house. >> we want to get him something. >> reporter: the tiny home movement is increasing. houses can be built for $15,000 to $20,000 and have the comforts of home in a small package. >> i met sam. he's a good guy. he is going to be very excited to have this. we are happy we can bless him with it. >> reporter: what sam does with the house, they say, is up to him. >> everybody deserves a second chance. i think everybody needs to feel like they're loved. >> reporter: it's only day two of the build but this group thinks they will have this tiny house finished in less than a month. in case you're wondering, they are still looking for donations. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. they did it. close to 300 students who had either dropped out of school or fallen years behind got their high school diplomas today. >> when a great feeling. the students were part of second
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chance learners from camelot school. the commencement ceremony was held at temple university's liacouras center. by attending camelot's program, overaged and under-credited students are able to make up for lost time, then build a new future. to our weather now. one of the better places to be on a sticky steamy night, the shore, of course. live look from our cape may camera. lot of people might be getting an early start on the weekend. this would be a good place to cool off. >> yeah. it would definitely be a good place to be tomorrow because it's going to be close to record warmth. in the inland areas and at the shore, jersey shore, going to be a real nice sea breeze keeping it much cooler as you'll see. a heat advisory in effect for the urbanized areas around philadelphia for tomorrow. near record heat. record's 95 and possible weekend
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thunderstorms, although most of the weekend will be dry. the wind is coming from the southwest, bringing up not only hotter air but more humid air. 91 degrees. the winds south-southwest at 15 miles an hour. it's a pretty big jump from yesterday when you combine the temperature jump with the humidity jump. 92 today, 95 tomorrow 91 degrees on saturday is the prediction if we get to 90 that would be the first official heat wave of the season. so we're 91 in trenton, northeast philly philadelphia and little bit less than that in most other places. a lot less than that right at the jersey shore. 73 in avalon 75 in beach haven. the kind of temperatures we're going to see tomorrow, but not at the delaware beaches. you see the southwest winds, a land breeze there. lewis is 90 rehoboth beach was 90 degrees last time i checked.
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there's a big difference depending on which beaches you go to. now, as you can see, we have some showers and thunderstorms moving to the east. they look like they are weakening a bit but if it would manage to hold together it would take awhile to reach the allentown area. it's close to 8:00 because they are only moving about 20 miles an hour. there's a pretty good chance they're not going to last that long because as soon as the heating of the sun goes down those storms will fall apart. as we go through the night tonight, you see the southerly wind that keeps the temperature up. 7:00 a.m. it's 79 degrees. then of course with the sun coming out, it warms up really quickly, it will be into the 90s before noon but look what happens right at the jersey shore. temperatures in the 70s with that sea breeze. as we go through the weekend, we are going to find a big difference on saturday between
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new jersey and delaware beaches. on sunday with an east wind, they will both be in the 70s. but for the most part it's a pretty good-looking weekend, just a slight chance of a storm in the poconos. for the rest of the night tonight, we are expecting it to stay warm and humid. 73 for the low. 68 north and west. maybe not even that cool. tomorrow up into the mid 90s. that's close to record levels. just isolated late day storms. the big issue is going to be the heat. it will feel like it's close to 100. saturday, if we get to 90 that's a heat wave but it won't be a long heat wave because cooler, less humid air is coming in on sunday and the storms return early next week. nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away money to local nonprofit organizations. it's all part of a project called 21st century solutions. the goal here is to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. you can apply on our website at the deadline is july 3rd.
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we'll be right back.
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i'm amy fadool from comcast sports net. big news out of the eagles today. the team released offensive guard evan mathis. he was absent from this past two weeks of voluntary organized team activities. he's been seeking a new contract. this is the fifth offensive starter, ninth overall which includes five pro bowlers to be released from chip kelly's offense who are not returning. alan barber will likely be the new starter at left guard. mathis tweeted within the last couple hours quote, thanks for the memories philly.
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demarco murray figures to be the eagles' feature back after signing as a free agent along with fellow free agent ryan matthews and darren sproles. murray is coming off a heavy workload last season when he led the league in rushing but says he's good to go. >> i've always been a person that takes care of my body whether it's during the season off season. i pride myself on that. i feel = the season and after a week or two, all the bumps and bruises went away. this strength and conditioning staff has been awesome for me. >> the trade talk involving phillies closer jonathan papelbon appears to be heating up. jim salsbury reporting the toronto blue jays had a scout in cincinnati this past week to watch papelbon. papelbon ended up not pitching in that series. here's how serious toronto is about the phils' all time saves leader. >> the toronto blue jays are on a great run now in the american league east. they have shortage in pitching
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both rotation and at the back of the bull pen. particularly in closer. they have to win this year but you know the phillies have to eat some of that $13 million option for next year. they have made it very clear that they will subsidize part of the contract to get back better prospects in return. >> game four of the nba finals is tonight in cleveland. cavaliers lead that series two games to one. lebron james knows tonight won't be easy. >> we know they're going to come in, like it's a must-win. for us we go out and play our game. we got nothing to lose. just go out and play hard. >> that will do it for sports.
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we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at we hit 92 today, tomorrow 95 with higher humidity. it will feel closer to 100 by afternoon. heat advisory is in effect. then another 90 possible
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saturday. >> thank you, glenn. for glenn and all of us here at nbc 10 thank you for watching. i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> i'm jim rosenfield. tonight picking up the scent, the discovery searchers are calling the best lead yet. the heavy response has schools shut down and locals are forced inside some arming themselves until two escaped killers are caught. breaking news in the tatao to mir tamir rice shooting. finding blind, the co-pilot who intentionally crashed a passenger plane feared he was losing eyesight and saw 41 doctors in five years. why didn't anyone raise a red flag? asleep at the wheel, which sleep aids could double your risk of get income a car crash. nightly news begins right now.


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